Request an Appointment

Walk-ins during our normal business hours are always welcome.

Candlelite Bridal is pleased to offer several types of appointments to give you an experience you'll never forget.

 We recommend making an appointment so that our staff can give you their undivided attention. Due to our seamstress's schedule, we cannot accept walk-in alteration appointments.

Below is the list of the appointment we offer: 

  • Initial Alterations Appointment
  • Followup Alterations Appointment
  • Bridal Appointment
  • Bridesmaid Appointment
  • Gown Pickup
  • Other Appointment

Candlelite Bridal is also pleased to provide private consultation appointments after our usual business hours on designated Fridays and Saturdays. We offer two different packages that can accommodate up to 12 guests and provide you with private access to our shop as well as the undivided attention of our bridal consultants. Whether you're shopping for a bridal gown or for your bridesmaids dresses, make it an enjoyable experience you will never forget. 

The Joan Package (up to 6 guests)-$50 

  • Choice of white wine or champagne
  • Vegetable or fruit tray
  • Cupcakes 

The Virginia Package (7-12 guests)-$100

  • Choice of white wine, champagne or both
  • Vegetable tray, fruit tray or both 
  • Cupcakes 

Please indicate your preferences in the comment section. Payment is due upon arrival.  

After requesting your appointment, please fill out the survey form below so that our consultants will know your style preferences.