Fall Wedding Inspiration

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If your calendar is booked up every weekend with weddings to attend, you’re probably not the only one. According to Zola, the most popular wedding season of 2018 is fall! Yes, you heard that right! The once-popular summer wedding trend has been dethroned.

September and October weddings now outrank June and August this year with 18% and 14% of weddings taking place in those two months. Fall weddings have always been trendy, but have seen a surge in popularity over the recent years thanks to rustic chic trends. Check out some of our favorite fall wedding inspiration below! Share with us your favorite fall trends or how you plan to stay sane during wedding season!

We're loving all the bold colors fall has to offer! Image courtesy of weddingforward.com


Mini pies over a traditional cake? Yes please!

Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Seasonal flowers and leaves make for a picture perfect aisle runner! 

Image courtesy of brideguide.com

If your wedding is outside in fall, your guests may appreciate some blankets to keep warm! 

Image courtesy of pinterest.com


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